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The Ranfurly is a versatile and stylish surface mount spotlight, ideal for indoor settings. This compact fixture offers both tilt and swivel capabilities, allowing for precise lighting direction. It is available in either black or white, complementing various interior designs. Constructed from durable aluminum, it assures longevity. The spotlight features a 240V input with a powerful 12W output, available in both 3000K and 4000K color temperatures. This ensures a warm or neutral light option to suit different preferences. The light delivers an impressive 1230 lumens, bright enough for most applications. Its 36-degree beam angle provides focused illumination, while the high CRI of 90 ensures true color rendering. The unit measures 60mm in diameter and 150mm in length, making it compact yet effective. Additionally, it comes with a high-quality dimmable driver, offering versatility in lighting intensity. The Ranfurly is a blend of functionality and modern design, perfect for a range of indoor lighting needs.

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