Under the Electricity Act 1992, all electrical products must adhere to stringent quality and safety standards as stipulated in the Electricity (Safety) Regulations 2010. This legislation mandates that electrical products' design and maintenance comply with specified safety requirements to mitigate risks.

Individuals are obliged to undertake all reasonable measures to avert serious harm. This encompasses manufacturers, importers, suppliers, retailers, and distributors of electrical appliances or fittings in New Zealand, ensuring their products meet the national regulatory standards, regardless of whether these products are imported or produced domestically.

The regulations delineate specific unsafe product features, alongside other potential hazards that could endanger persons or property.

Safety Compliance:

  • Products must fulfil essential safety criteria, with proof of compliance often demonstrated through test reports from accredited laboratories.
  • Certain electrical products identified as non-compliant with these safety criteria are prohibited from sale in New Zealand.
  • New Zealand acknowledges alternative compliance evidence for electrical products under mutual recognition agreements within trade pacts with other nations.
  • Additional regulatory measures apply to electrical products categorized as medium or high risk.
  • The regulations also apply to the supply of second-hand appliances in New Zealand, requiring operational safety compliance for electrical products in use.
  • Suppliers must provide installation and/or usage instructions in English.


Specific electrical products deemed or potentially unsafe are formally banned from importation, sale, or usage in New Zealand.

Legacy Products:

Older electrical products, compliant at the time of initial sale in New Zealand, are not deemed unsafe solely due to subsequent changes in safety regulations. However, specific construction types later identified as unsafe are formally prohibited.

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