Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy of Prolux Lighting Limited

Prolux Lighting Limited, located at 40 Canaveral Drive, Rosedale, Auckland, New Zealand, is dedicated to upholding environmental responsibility and sustainability in our role as a leading lighting importer and distributor.

Our environmental policy embodies our commitment to minimizing the environmental impact of our business activities and products across their life cycle. To achieve this, we pledge to:

1. Compliance: Adhere to all applicable laws and regulatory requirements, ensuring our operations align with the highest environmental standards.

2. Standards and Performance: Establish and uphold environmental standards by setting clear objectives and targets for operational performance, continually striving for improvement.

3. Integration: Infuse environmental considerations into our strategic business planning and day-to-day operations. This includes a focus on the safe disposal of hazardous materials and reducing waste through the principles of 'Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.'

4. Innovation and Packaging: Concentrate on the design, manufacture, sourcing, and supply of cutting-edge, sustainable, and highly energy-efficient LED lighting products. Our commitment extends to energy conservation, responsible use of raw materials, and the development of products with a minimal environmental footprint, including eco-friendly packaging solutions.

5. Environmental Impact: Assess and mitigate the environmental impacts of our operations, specifically addressing air, water, and noise pollution. We aim to safeguard the surrounding environment and contribute positively to the local community.

6. Awareness and Education: Promote environmental awareness and the maintenance of high environmental standards among our employees, visitors, suppliers, customers, end-users, and other stakeholders.

7. Ethical Operation: Operate in an ethical and responsible manner, allocating the necessary resources to continually develop, improve, and sustain our Environmental Management System.

Through the unwavering commitment outlined in this policy, Prolux Lighting Limited aims to set new standards for environmental stewardship in the lighting industry, including sustainable packaging practices, making a lasting positive impact on the environment and communities we serve.

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