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The Johnsonville lighting fixture is an exceptional choice for retail and light-duty commercial environments, including residential settings, cafes, and shops. Crafted from high-quality aluminium and steel, it boasts an IP54 rating, ensuring durability and protection against dust and splashing water. Powered by a reliable Meanwell XLG-50 driver and equipped with Philips Lumileds 3030 LED technology, this 50W fixture delivers a brilliant output of 6000 lumens. It offers the flexibility of selectable color temperatures—3000K, 4000K, and 6000K—to suit various atmospheres and preferences. The dimmable feature, controllable via a 1-10V system, allows for easy adjustment of brightness levels, creating the perfect ambiance for any setting. Users can choose between a 60-degree narrow beam for focused lighting or a 90-degree wide beam for broader illumination. The fixture measures 40x40x59cm and includes a 1.5m dropper with a plug for straightforward installation. With a high CRI of 80, it ensures accurate color representation, while its impressive lifespan of 50,000 hours guarantees long-lasting performance. The HBS-NB is a versatile, efficient, and durable lighting solution that meets a wide range of indoor lighting needs.

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