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Light duty outdoor in-ground 

IP65 Stainless 304 with clear coat


Order lamp: MRY-5W

Size: 100*100W*120D

Plastic sleeve & 2m lead

Installation: Garden installtions have to be absolutely IP68 watertight. Use only direct burial  garden cable 

Installation WARNING: Failure to make an IP68 connection often results in water being sucked

  up through the cable over time & getting trapped inside the fitting. This happens even over long distances.

  Basically wire as if the fitting is an underwater luminaire. This advice is critical, as the problem ofteh occures, &

   a remedial solution may not be possible

Multiple wiring: Wire in parallel. Use only garden (stranded) cable of correct rating. Use a magnetic transformer or suitable long

   distance electronic driver. Can't use standard electronic drivers over distance. Electrician is required to do voltage drop calculation

   based on loading, cable size & distance

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