Insulation Compliance

All Prolux LED recessed downlights operate well below the heat limits of CA-90 and IC-F classification. As a general rule then, our downlights are all specified as suitable with any insulation which has the industry standard 90 degree Celsius fire resistance. 

This classification was originally introduced in response to the intense heat emitted by halogen lighting which was actually capable of setting building elements and insulation alight. Nevertheless, as a conservative precautionary measure, both our residential and commercial downlights are specified with height to ceiling and height to building elements of 25mm clearance.

The classification is just as importantly relevant to the reliability of the fitting and driver. In the case of CA rated, the fitting and driver must be specifically suited to being covered by insulation, whereas with CA-90 there might be concerns with the reliability of the LED chips and driver. The heat generated by the chips and driver are most certainly an issue an issue with reliability and longevity, especially when smothered by insulation.